Before You’re Assigned

Before You're Assigned a Case

While you are waiting for your first Coaching Case:

1. Review your coach Settings in the Platform by following the directions and training 
Please review the initial training video for instructions: Platform Walkthrough

From your smartphone, tablet, or laptop/computer, open your preferred browser (please use either Safari or Google Chrome) and enter the platform URL:

Login with your email and password — this should already be setup by you and Rhea. 

2. Familiarize yourself with the Platform, explore the it, and email Madison with any questions.

3. Listen to a sample Coaching call.

4. Read through previous cases to get a sense for who you could work with

Click here to see case notes + resources a Parent Coach may have sent. The notes come from the Helpline Specialists who speak with the parent/caregiver seeking support and then these notes are passed along to the Coach working with this client. We also wanted you to see examples of some resources Coaches send depending on what the caller/client is struggling with or asking for.

5. Read through the Guidelines and Expectations of Coaching

6. Read through the Parent Coaching Agreement

This is the agreement your clients are required to agree to and accept before getting to work you.

7. You can review additional Platform information here.