Platform Resources

Using the Platform

Parent coaches will be using the the Platform for coaching and talking to their clients (or parents). Please follow the ‘Coaching Tools & Instructions’ section to review your next steps when preparing for a case.

Please also make sure to bookmark the Platform on your browser:  

Below is a comprehensive guide for new and existing coaches when using the Platform:

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Additional Resources for the Platform

If you have any further problems signing into the Platform after doing all of the above steps, please reach out to Rhea at

This video demonstrates common tasks and features of the Platform, and how coaches will use the Platform to message their client, view messages and notes, schedule calls and call the client. 

You can also use the your mobile phone to log into the Platform and to call your client.

Use *67 [client’s number] if you need to call the client directly, due to any problems experienced on the Platform or forgetting a coaching call.