Training & Support Calls

Training & Support Calls

Training & Support Calls are a vital way for Coaches to connect.  There are two types of Training & Support Calls:

  • Topic-Specific / Group-Specific Calls
    • Run by CMC: FFC Trainers
    • These happen at different times throughout the week — check out the Calendar to see when.
    • These calls can be found in Recordings.
  • All Coaches Calls
    • Run by Partnership staff (usually Pat, Mary Ann, Denise, Kevin, or Madison)
    • These happen monthly at the beginning of the month, on Tuesdays at 8 pm EST via Zoom.
    • These calls can be found in Recordings.

Worksheets, handouts, or presentations that correspond to the calls can be found in Supporting Documents.

Not sure when Training & Support Calls happen? Check out the Calendar.

Not sure how to use Zoom? Refer to the instructional video on Using Zoom.