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Training & Support Calls (2020)

2020 All Coaches Calls:

8/4/2020: We discussed the new service of coaching via text message. We are currently building out the training modules for this and wanted to focus on the topic of the “how-to” component: how a trained volunteer will deliver peer-to-peer support via text.

[No meeting 7/6/20202]

6/2/2020: We heard from Dustin Huckabee, who discussed his experience with Collegiate Recovery.

5/5/2020: Pat reviewed the e-lessons being created for families who have just found out their child is experimenting or starting to use substances; then Mary Ann discussed self-care as it relates to COVID-19 and shared a chart about being in different zones during this time.

4/7/2020: Family Support Legislation update; content and resources we are providing during the COVID-19 crisis

3/3/2020: Support Groups Presentation by Ann Benson You can find the entire presentation below.

There is no recording for the 2/4/2020 call, unfortunately.

Huntsville, AL (2020)

Knoxville, TN & Southcoast, MA (2020)

**Eventually, we will be moving our recordings to a new place (a place with more storage). Keep an eye out!

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